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Submitting Your Files

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Changes & Cancellations

Can I change an order that I've placed?

Any order can be changed, provided it has not already been submitted to us. Items in the shopping cart will have a red Make Changes button at the bottom of the Specifications tab. This allows you to re-open the order form for that item and make your changes. When finished, click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the form. If you need to make changes to an order that’s already been submitted, please call us right away. If it’s not already in production, we may be able to accommodate your request.

I need to cancel my order. How do I do that?

Any order can be cancelled, provided it has not already been submitted to us. Unsubmitted items in the shopping cart will have a red Remove this item button at the top of the Specifications tab, which allows you to remove the item from the shopping cart. If you need to cancel an order that’s already been submitted, please call us right away. If it’s not already in production, we may be able to accommodate your request.

Tracking Your Order

How will I know you received my order from the website?

You will receive an email confirming your order right away after you place it. If you do not receive a notification email, please call us, so we can verify that your order came through properly.

How will I know my order is complete?

We will notify you by email when your order is complete. Depending on the shipping option you chose, we will also provide a tracking number from the carrier you selected. If you opted to pick up your order, you are free to do so any time after you receive this notification.

How can I track the status of my order while it is in production?

As your order makes its way through our production process, we will keep you updated through the online job ticket. The order confirmation email you received when you placed your order includes a link directly to this job ticket. You can also access it by logging into your account page and viewing your order history. For your convenience, we will also email you whenever the status changes or if we have questions about your order as it makes its way through our system.

How do I view my order history?

Your complete order history is available on your account page. Here, you can view all of your orders in progress, saved shopping carts, estimate requests, proofs, and completed orders. You can also place reorders and search your job history.

Turnaround and Deadlines

When can I expect to receive my order?

Our turnaround times are affected by many variables. One of the most important things you can do to ensure your project is completed in a timely manner is to make sure that any artwork you submit is print-ready.

I'm on a deadline. Is it possible to expedite my order?

If your printing project has a ‘crisis deadline,’ please call our customer service department and speak to a project manager as soon as possible. Normally, our schedule revolves around “one day per task.” For example, we allow one day for printing, one day for folding, one day for drilling, etc. So, the number of tasks your project requires equals the number of days of turnaround we’ll need.

We can, however, provide rush service, but we need to talk to you quickly to determine how we can best help. We also ask for your understanding that completing your job early means our other customers will have to wait longer for their orders, or our staff will have to work overtime to meet the deadline, so additional charges apply to any expedited orders.

How to Place an Order

How do I order printing from your website?

There are a couple of paths for ordering printing on our site. The first is to hit the Place an Order button and use any of the forms you find there. Select the type of printing that best fits your need, or use our Quick Order Form if you prefer. If you have products in our Reorder Forms Library, you’ll find links to them, as well, from the Place an Order page.

The other way to place an order on our site is directly through your company’s Reorder Forms Library. Once you’ve logged in to our website, you can access the Reorder Forms Library through the category listings you’ll find on the side of the screen. For more information, visit the Reorder Forms Library section of our Help Center.

What if I only need to send you a file?

If you need to send a file, you can either include it as part of your order (preferred) or use the Send a File utility on the sidebar of your account page. If you need to attach the file to an existing order, find the job ticket (on your account page) for the order in question, or click the link to the job ticket from the confirmation email we sent you when you placed the order. Upload your file using the Send a File utility and drag it to the order you want to attach it to.

Where can I see a list of all your products?

You can see our list of printing products here. Select an item from the list to visit its order page.

Can I get a price quote before ordering from you?

Yes. There are two ways to do this. Many of our order forms and Reorder Forms Library items contain detailed pricing information and/or pricing calculators that update the price as you enter your specifications. When you submit the form, that pricing information will carry through to the shopping cart. If you have a custom order with special pricing requirements, we recommend you fill out our Custom Printing Quote form. We’ll then review the details of your order and present you with a quote as quickly as we can.

Do I need to log in or create an account before ordering?

If you’re a returning customer, you probably will not need to log in again, unless you logged out after your last visit or cleared your browser cookies. If you did log out or delete your cookies, you will be asked to log in at the time you place your order. If you’re a new customer, you’ll need to create an account as part of the order process.

How do I pay for my printing?

We have multiple options for paying for your printing, including credit cards, debit cards, business/personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, and open accounts (upon credit approval). To learn more, visit the Payments and Billing section of our Help Center.

What options are available for picking up or shipping my order?

We offer UPS and FedEx shipping, as well as free local delivery. If you prefer to pick up your order, you can do that, too. You’ll be given the opportunity to choose a pick-up/delivery option when you place your order.

I don't see a spot on the order form for my billing or shipping information. Where do I enter that data?

Ordering from our website is a two-step process. The first involves filling out the order form or Reorder Forms Library form. Once you submit that form, you’ll be taken to our shopping cart (step two), where you can review your order and provide billing and shipping information before completing your order and sending it to the site.

How can I check on the status of an order after I have placed it?

You can track all of your orders through your account page on the website. We’ll also alert you by email whenever the status of an order changes.

I need to reorder something I've ordered from you in the past. How can I do that?

Reorders are easy on our website. Just log into your account page, find the previous order in your order history, and hit the Reorder button.

Shipping and Delivery

I need to ship to multiple locations. Can I do that?

Our website is designed to ship to a single location. For specialized options like shipping to multiple locations, please call our friendly customer service team to place your order.

Can I ship to a residential location?

No problem. We’d be happy to ship to a residence. Just fill out the shipping address as usual, and we’ll take care of the rest.